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We have 25 years of home construction and renovation experience.   Phil is an educated and experienced Home Inspector.  He will provide a comprehensive report that details the overall condition and performance of ALL systems within the home or commercial property you need us to inspect.

Tartan Home Inspections is owned and operated by Phil Thompkins.  We are affiliated with The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) and are certified to perform home inspections per OAHI Standards of Practice.   

We have attained the RHI designation which is OAHI's highest and the most coveted and respected level of certification in Ontario.  We have an extensive background in home construction and renovations.   We inspect cottages, single family bungalows, executive homes, modular homes, condos, townhouses, century homes and light commercial and multi unit rental buildings.

Phil was a member of the education team and presented at the 2018 OAHI conference.   He will be presenting at the 2020 OAHI education conference in Burlington in February.

We are exceptionally thorough and employ an industry leading and proven process to inspect all homes top to bottom. 

We are insured. 

Our Partners and Certifications

We have partnered with the best in the business to help meet our clients expectations.   This includes the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors, CarsonDunlop (Registered Home Inspector software) and WETT.CA (we inspect wood burning appliances).      


Phil Passions

His passions include home renovations, golfing at the Ainsdale Golf and Country Club in Kincardine, touring the countryside on his motorcycle, racing remote control boats in the USA and Canada, playing guitar and writing songs (see mp3 below) , camping, travelling with his family and volunteering within the community. Phil is a Grandpa and has two children.

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