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Please review our Standards of Practice (HERE)

Our Standards dictate what we will and can't do as inspectors.  We are limited in what we can see and therefore report on.  We report on a homes performance and condition at the time of inspection.   

We CANNOT comment as to whether there will be a new housing development beside the home you are considering buying.

Your realtor is responsible for ensuring you understand this and ALL other aspects of the purchase.  Such as municipality zoning changes (historical and recent) and environmental issues if known. The Realtor must also disclose anything of importance that the home owner discusses with them prior to listing the home for sale.

As an example.....

If the Realtor and or home owner are aware that there was prior basement leak they must disclose this and what preventative measures were taken.   

IMPORTANT:    If major problems were found during a pre-listing home inspection the home owner and or agent must disclose either that the deficiencies still exist OR what was done to remediate them. 


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