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We have achieved the Registered Home Inspector designation and manage exclusively to the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors high standards of practice.   This in additional to 25years of building experience and renovation knowledge  affords us opportunities to provide expert opinion to our clients and OAHI colleagues.   

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Purchased a a home that has significant defects that were not included in your home inspectors report.  Provide us with the details as you understand them and we will for a fee help you determine if you have a case.


Purchased a home without getting a home inspection but discovered significant defects after the deal closed.    Caveat emptor may be applicable but not in all cases.  If the homes condition does not line up with the listing details  or the owner / agent did not provide full disclosure you may have an argument.  Share you thoughts with us and for a fee we will provide our opinion as to whether you have a case.   



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