Thermal Imaging


Thermal Imaging and Home Inspections

We employ Thermal Imaging free of charge!

Typical findings include failed window seals or evidence of cold or warm areas where walls and ceiling intersect.   You are very likely to see the same results in any home of similar age and style. 

We may employ the use of our thermal imager and moisture meter as follows:

  1. If there is visual physical evidence of water problems on walls or ceilings
  2. We will show clients where they should expect cold spots within a home.
  3. If we suspect windows are older and have lost the seal between glass panes
  4. We may use it during inspections of older homes that have been renovated
  5. If a floor feels spongy around a toilet or near exterior doorways
  6. If a drywalled surface is disintegrating, crumbling, sagging or stained.
  7. If wood ceilings or walls are stained.
  8. If we see physical evidence of thermal bridges on walls or ceilings. 

Examples Of Thermal Imaging Results

With the exception of the wood stove photo below all of the other photos are indicative of what you you can expect to see resulting from Thermal Imaging efforts. 

Wall Ceiling Intersections   and   Thermal Bridging

If mold growth or frost / condensation is found in areas where walls and ceiling intersect OR where thermal bridging is evident it requires further evaluation.  Thermal Imaging or moisture meters may be used to further evaluate and identify possible causes such as lack of insulation and water infiltration.   However,  any recommendations provided would be hypothetical in nature.   Removing wall and ceiling covering would be required to determine precise root cause.       

Failed Window Seals                                                                                                  

Failed window seals are common in older homes.   This impacts window efficiency, will result in condensation build up in most cases and staining on the interior of the panes and wall.   We recommend that you monitor and repair/replace the windows when necessary.   In most cased there is no evidence of water penetration into homes due to failed window seals.

Wood Stove

Failed Window Seals

Wall Ceiling Intersection Point

Thermal Bridging


Bathroom Ceiling Fan


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