(Residential and Commercial Buildings)

Why do you need a Home Inspection?

Our clients want to avoid purchasing a property in need of hidden or not so obvious major repairs.  They do not want to incur any surprise expenses.   

Upon completion of our inspection you will have a clear and very detailed understanding of the current condition of the home.

We provide the following home and commercial inspection services:

  • Pre-Listing
  • Pre-Purchase (most popular)
  • Maintenance
  • Open House (in markets such as Kitchener were multiple bids are  common)
  • Commercial Inspections

What Do We Inspect?

If it is visible and or in operating condition we will provide our opinion with respect to current condition, estimated life remaining and recommend repairs or replacement.

We inspect each of following systems (not limited to examples shown):

  • Structure (foundation, beams, columns) 
  • Roof (materials, venting, flashing
  • Plumbing (H20 heaters, water pressure, shut offs, fixtures)
  • Insulation (R Value, type, location, ventilation)
  • Electrical (main panel, grounding, outlets, meter)
  • Heating (oil, gas, heat pumps, combination furnaces)
  • Cooling (A/C, heat pumps)
  • Interior (floors, walls, crawlspaces, 
  • Exterior (decks, windows, garage doors)

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(ALL Wood Burning Appliances)

Why do you need a WETT Inspection?

WETT inspections ensure that the wood burning appliance in your home was installed per the manufacturers specifications and as applicable meet the strict B365-10 Code guidelines. 

Insurance companies require home buyers have  their wood burning appliances WETT inspected prior to first use.  

We perform Level 1 WETT inspections for ALL wood burning appliances

  • pellet stoves
  • wood stoves
  • combination furnaces
  • outdoor boilers
  • fireplaces 
  • fireplace inserts
  • factory built or self made systems 


Tartan Home Inspections strongly recommends that a WETT inspection be completed regardless as to whether your insurance company requests it.   Some of the wood burning appliances we have inspected failed our inspection due to poor installation practices and irreparable damage due to over firing.  Incorrect installation is a health safety concern and a damaged appliance could result in replacing the unit as a hole.  The average cost to replace a wood stoveis $4000.


(Collections and Lab Results Management) 

MOLD and Your Health

High moisture content, plumbing leaks and penetration of water through roofs, windows, doors, exterior walls and foundations can create an environment favorable to mold growth.

If mold is found during the course of a home  inspection we cannot comment on the type    (IE:  black mold) or the health risks without more in depth analysis.   

We provide the following Mold services:

  • We perform visual mold inspections of homes on request and perform swap and air sampling
  • Swab samples and / or air samples are sent to our third party Lab and Testing Partner(s)  
  • We manage the logistics of shipping.
  • We will review the results of the testing and lab results with you.