We Inspect ALL Systems In

Homes and Commercial  Buildings 


(Outside and Inside)


   (Heating & Cooling)

Roof & Structure

(Interior &Exterior) 


     (Supply & Waste)   




We also inspect:

INSULATION (R Value or Amount - Type - Location etc)

INTERIOR (Drywall - Flooring - Doors - Windows - Safety Items such as handrails etc)

EXTERIOR (Exterior Walls - Grading - Retaining Walls - Steps - Driveways - Decks - Windows - Garage etc) 

We Don't Inspect or Comment On

Wells - Septic - Water Quality

Paint Colors - Aesthetics

Our Client Contract:    

What Happens After The Inspection Is Completed?


Upon completion of our inspection we will provide you with a report that contains photos,diagrams and our recommendations.    A link will be emailed to you and you can download it for viewing on your PC or IPad etc.     You will be provided with a clear and very detailed understanding of the current condition of the home.

If it is visible and or in operating condition we will provide our opinion with respect to current condition, estimated life remaining and recommend repairs or replacement.

We provide the following home and commercial inspection services:

  • Pre-Listing
  • Pre-Purchase (most popular)
  • Maintenance
  • Commercial Inspections


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